Emergence and Growth of printing industry

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February 1, 2018
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February 16, 2018
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In this world, USA stands the topmost among the leading producer of printed products. The larger volume of producing printed products in China, even though it stands to be the second place. The printing industry is the very big industry compared to the music industry and Multimedia especially the industry pertaining to video games with all other games.

Printing Technologies

To opt into printing work there are huge technologies rendered with recent printing devices offered by Printing Industry. The various types of printing technologies are Offset, Flexo, Digital Printing, Screen Printing, and Gravure. In Offset printing in which the process of lithography is used. It is suitable for printing on paper, cardboard, plastic and any flat surface without wet condition. Flexo printing is applicable for printing in rubber plates, plastics, metals, and cellophane.

The Digital printing is the newest type of printing where inkjet printers are used. The printing process done by using this technology is referred as Xerography. The printing taken in this digital printing varies while printing a data, so the previous data print varies with current data in the printout. The Screenprinting technology is commercially used because such type doesn’t be used for the products on a flat surface. Such type of printing is applicable for printing designs on T-Shirts, Glass surfaces and wooden materials like the wooden bureau, chair, and table. The Gravure technology, in other words, can say as rotogravure which can be done by engraving the image or a picture in a cylinder. The cylinder is inked thereby the inks is transferred into the paper which makes a print out of the exact image in the paper. Such method is intended for printing large volumes of Newspapers and Magazines.

Pros of printing

Most of the Newspapers and magazines are familiar and popularly more loyal to the senior citizens and some young minds. The printed articles and Newspapers are more worthy to the marketers’ cum advertisers. Printed materials are easier to distribute, they have more reputation and unrivaled when compared with online magazines.